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Unlike conventional instruments, ZIPLEVEL sets up in seconds rather than minutes, permitting one person to level and read elevations to within 0.1Ý regardless of distance – no lasers, sensors, rods, tripods, calculations, or line-of-sight needed! ZIPLEVEL consists of a base unit and a handheld measurement module connected by a rugged, flexible cord. The cord transmits the elevation difference between the base unit and measurement module relative to a reference plane set by pressing the Zero key. Each press of the Zero key is equivalent to factory calibration of a conventional level, assuring accuracy each time. Powerful built-in functions allow ZIPLEVEL to display readings in your favorite scale, measure over unlimited distances or elevations ( differential level) without calculations, display sea level elevations, set audible limits, average unlimited readings, or dump data to a PC for job site profiles, 3D maps, or topo maps.

Specifications Setup Vertical Range: 40' ( 20' above and below base unit) . Setup Horizontal Range: 200' circle ( 100' cord) . Functions: 16 + PC serial port. Scales: Inches, feet, and meters. Resolution: Reads to 0.1Ý , 1/ 8Ý , 0.01' , 2mm with ± 0.050Ý precision. Typical Isothermal Accuracy: Greater of 0.1Ý or 0.15% reading. Temperature Range: Storage, -40° F to + 158° F; Operating, -22° F to + 158° F. Drop Resistance: Measurement Module, 5' ; Base Unit, 3' . Power: 9V battery. Battery Life: One year of typical daily use. Memory: Settings and 137 readings saved indefinitely with or without battery. Dimensions: Measurement Module, 3.75Ý H x 4.75Ý W x 1.75Ý D; Base Unit, 16Ý H x 10.5Ý W x 7.5Ý D. Weight: 12 lbs.
    Technidea ZIPLEVEL PRO 2000 Precision Altimeter
    Rp. 27.000.000 Rp. 25.000.000